Catherine “Cat” Moyer is a 2014 graduate of Chattanooga State Community College with a Digital Media Design & Production A.A.S. dual concentration in Web Design and Graphic Design. She is very creative and detail-oriented. She tends to daydream but is practical enough to sort realistic goals from idealistic hopes. She takes school, work, and other responsibilities very seriously and is dedicated to following through with any promises or expectations. She enjoys an evening in a comfy chair by the window with a cup of tea, a good book, and purring kitty in her lap.

The nickname “Cat” is derived from her first name Catherine as well as her innate connection with the furry animals, along with her quiet, curious, “cat-like” nature. Cat has always had a wild imagination and an inherent need to create. As a toddler she took crayons to her freshly-painted white bedroom wall and drew a monster, much to her parents’ chagrin. That night, she cried about a monster threatening to eat her in her room, much to her parents’ amusement.

She graduated with honors from high school in 2007, originally attending Tennessee Tech University for a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, but changed course in 2009 and began attending Chattanooga State. First majoring in Web Design, then picked up Graphic Design as well since she enjoyed the required graphic design courses for Web Design. She is the first individual to ever follow through with completion of both Web and Graphic Design concentrations simultaneously at Chattanooga State.

Outside academic pursuits, Cat is still a down-to-earth creative individual marching to her own beat. She loves tinkering with computers, both hardware and software. She adores gaming of all sorts, enjoying console, PC, and tabletop games alike. Eventually, Cat would like to get into game design, but knows it’s more practical to gain experience in broader fields first.

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